Tehreek Muslim Shabban announces support to Congress | Telangana

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Nov 15, 2023

Tehreek Muslim Shabban has announced support to Congress in the Telangana assembly elections because the new Congress is on the policy of competing with RSS and BJP. And it guarantees the protection of constitution.

This announcement was made by the President Tehreek Muslim Shabban Mr. Muhammad Mushtaq Malik.

Addressing a press conference Mr. Mushtaq Malik said that Tehreek Muslim Shabban has presented its thirteen-point Charter of Demands to the leaders of all political parties.

Mr. Manik Rao Thakre In-charge of Telangana, Mansoor Ali Khan, General Secretary AICC, Mrs. Das Munshi, Member of Congress Working Committee and former minister, other the most important leaders of the state held several rounds of talks and discussions with the leadership of Tehreek Muslim Shabban at the headquarters of Tehreek Muslim Shaban.

After accepting the 13-point charter of demands, Tehreek Muslim Shabban announced its support to the Congress.

However, Bodhan, Bahadurpura, Yakutpura, Chandrayaan Gutta, GoshaMahal and Charminar have not declared support yet.

In GushaMahal, Tahreek is adopting a strategy to ensure the defeat of Blasphemous candidate from the constituency.

Mr. Mushtaq Malik has appealed to the people of the state, especially the Muslims, to use their vote in favor of the Congress unitedly.

It is worth mentioning here that Muslim Shabban had made 13-point charter of demands from all political parties through a press conference two months before the announcement of the election.

In which restoration of fee reimbursement scheme, implementation of overseas scholarship, five hundred crores budget allocation by Minority Finance Corporation for the economic development of Muslims, protection of endowment properties, establishment of Waqf Commissionerate and its Judicial Powers, Muslim Women Economic Empowerment.

Establishment of board, development of slums of old city of Hyderabad where there is no government office, concrete development program by Quli Qutb Shah Development Authority, sub-plan for Muslims, 8% reservation for Muslims in education and employment. , protection of mosques and graveyards, monthly issuance of honorarium to imams and muezzins, abolition of discrimination in double bedroom allotment and demand for distribution of ten percent of land to poor Muslims, each Establishment of a three-member committee to review the implementation of 4% reservations in government institutions, special attention on appointments of Muslims in police, judiciary, universities, revenue and health sectors, promotion and development of Urdu language, steps to make Urdu Academy active, appointment of Urdu teachers and lecturers, Urdu should be linked with employment, power of Muslims in politics, conservation of the heritage building of Osmania General Hospital and its construction and repair, the building of Nizamia Medical College. Also included in the charter of demands are the release of funds for the reconstruction and preservation of this national heritage building, the Muslim Bandhu Scheme, the establishment of a separate cemetery for the Shia community and a guest house.

Tehreek Muslim Shaban, after assessing the situation, thought it appropriate to support the Congress against the sectarians.

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