Cash, gold and drugs seizure crosses worth over Rs 400 crores in Telangana

ByVoiceup Media

Nov 1, 2023

According officials, the seizure of cash, gold, liquor and other things has crossed Rs 400 crores in Telangana. The enforcement agencies have seized cash, gold and liquor worth over Rs 16.16 crores on Tuesday.

Thus, the total seizure since october has increased to Rs 412.46 crores. It is considered to be the highest seizure in a short period of time in the country.

During the entire poll process in the 2018 elections in Telangana, the total seizure of cash and gold was only to the tune of Rs 103 crore.

The enforcement agencies had started the checking on October 9 when the model code of conduct came into force with the announcement of poll schedule by the Election Commission. During the 24 hours period, more than Rs 5.60 crore cash was seized. The total cash seizure has now gone up to Rs 145.32 crore.

According to the data released by the office of Chief Electoral Officer, precious metals worth over Rs.2.76 crore were seized between 9 a.m. October 30 and 9 a.m. October 31.

The enforcement agencies have so far seized 251 kg gold, 1,080 kg silver, diamond and platinum all worth more than Rs 165 crore.

Authorities also continued their crackdown on the flow of liquor. During the 24-hour period, liquor worth Rs.4.17 crore was seized, taking the cumulative seizure to Rs.39.82 crore.




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