Israel intensifies attacks on Gaza, claimed more lives 

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 24, 2023

The situation is getting worse in the Gaza Strip as Israel has intensified its airstrikes causing more deaths and destruction.

So far, tens and thousands were killed including children, women and over 2 thousand children have reportedly been killed by airstrikes carried out by Israel. According local media, till now 5087 people were killed in Gaza including 2055 children, 1119 women and 217 elderly. This doesn’t include the 1500 people reported to be missing under rubble, 830 of them are children.

As per media reports, Israel has started targeting residential and commercial areas on Sunday night. Due to this,numerous deaths had been reported, mostly women and children.

A missile manufactured by American Company Woodward  was reportedly used in Gaza. The people found no safer place to take shelter and thousands were rendered homeless due to ongoing conflict.

Palestinian children have changed their play and started playing the “Martyr Game” where they pretend to hold a funeral for the body of a loved one killed by the occupying Israeli regime. The children have been deprived of everything, including their childhoods.

Despite several warnings, Israel continued bombing Gaza.

“Another bloody night for innocent kids in Gaza, with Israeli airstrikes continuing to rain down indiscriminately on everything that came ahead of them,” reported by local media from Gaza.

The videos showed that children were being shifted to hospitals and drew world attention towards innocent people of Gaza, who became the victims for no reason.

“All children surviving lsraeli air strikes arrive into hospitals with uncontrollable shaking. The lsraeli warplanes bombed the surrounding of Kamal Adwan hospital, northern Gaza Strip,” According to local Media. 

There are other places where Israeli warplanes bombed causing more deaths.How long the battle would go on, not known. Muslim leaders, however, urged Israel to stop targeting innocent people but their words were cornered.

More than half of Gaza’s population are children yet they are the main victims of the Israeli strikes. No one is safe now in Gaza.

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