Hyderabad |“Hollow Words Will Not Heal Palestinians Wounds, Act Promptly To Stop Israel,’’ Muslim Women


Oct 20, 2023

Scores of women and girls from different parts of Hyderabad had gathered at Eidgah Hazrath Ujaleshah, Saidabad to offer Qunoot-e-Nazila (special prayer) for the Gaza people. Apart from this, the Muslims have announced to offer special prayers today in all the mosques for Palestinians.

They expressed support and solidarity with the Palestinians and denounced the attacks being carried out by Israeli forces in Gaza. So far, hundreds of people including children and women have been killed and several others injured in Israel’s Airstrikes. The food, water and electricity has been cut off and Palestinians have been deprived from all the basic amenities in Gaza.

“Today, we have gathered here to register our protest against the Israel’s aggression and attacks on Gaza. We express our solidarity and support with Palestinians. We strongly condemn the Israeli’s Airstrikes continued to target innocent people including children in Gaza. We want to ask United Nations, Security Council, Human Rights, and Child Rights Organizations? Do not they see the heinous crimes and aggression of the Israel in Gaza?,’’ reacted, angry women protesters in Hyderabad against the Israel and its alliance.

They sought Muslim Rulers to act promptly to stop the Israel and impose immediate restrictions on it for carrying out Airstrikes and using white phosphorus.

“We want to make it clear that if the war does not stop and if the Isrealies aggression continues with Palestinians then no one may be in peace in any regions. The Muslim countries are also accountable for the Palestinians Genocide and innocent killing of the children in Gaza. Your cowardness and delaying in action deeply hurt the sentiments of Muslim Ummah as if you (Muslim Rulers) have turned deaf, dumb and blind, mute spectators towards Gaza,’’ added, agitated women during the protest.


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