BRS Candidate From Srilingampally Constituency faces Muslim Ire In The Meet


Oct 19, 2023

Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Candidate Arekapudi Gandhi here on Thursday had to face Muslim Minorities ire over certain pending issues reportedly had not been addressed.

A meeting headed by Arekapudi Gandhi was conducted with regard to upcoming elections, to be held on November 30 in Telangana State. In the meantime, one of the leaders from Muslim Community objected and sought clarification from the BRS Candidate as to why not Minority Community Hall and Urdu Medium School issue had not been resolved.

Muslims issues reportedly cornered and certain works claimed to have not been undertaken despite several representations under Srilingampally Constituency.

“What has been done for the Minorities under Srilingampally Constituency? Minority Community Hall and Urdu Medium School issue was brought to the notice of the leader, but nothing has been done. Whenever we ask such kind of attitude is being adopted with us,’’ said, one of the Muslim Minority Leaders during the meeting.

Agitated leaders, however, were tried to pacify by other BRS leaders, but they left the meeting.


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