Telangana Election-2023 | SIO Telangana released a student manifesto

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 13, 2023

SIO Telangana here on Thursday issued a student manifesto ahead of the Assembly elections. The manifesto highlights the issues of education, employment and youth.

“SIO has been fighting for equity, access and quality of in the field of education, especially the educational advancement of minorities and backward classes,”stated, in press communique.

The manifesto expressed concern over the  educational situation in the state.

“The education budget in the state is continuously decreasing due to which the educational institutions are in a dilapidated condition. The SIO demands that the government should allocate 30 per cent of the budget for education as per the recommendations of the Kothari Commission,” demanded SIO Telangana.

The manifesto also discussed the issue of minority scholarship. Many students are reportedly unable to get certificates from educational institutions due to non-issue of scholarships and are forced to pay fees on loans.

The SIO demanded that the government should immediately pay these arrears and make the scholarship process better.

It raised the issue of alleged injustice done to DSC Urdu Medium students. It sought that the government should de-reserve them to fill up these vacant seats and fill up all Urdu Medium seats in DSC-2023.

SIO wanted State Government to allocate the budget to secure the future of TMREIS by making its budget a “sub-plan” instead of a minority budget and construct its buildings on Waqf Board land.

The manifesto demands privacy of individuals, whether digital or otherwise, must be protected.

“No state authority must be given jurisdiction to monitor, collect or share information relating to private citizens without legally valid cause and due process of the law,”

It mentioned the problem of abandoned properties in the educational institutions of the state. It demands that all these abandoned properties be filled immediately.

The manifesto also discusses the student politics in the state universities. It says that the student politics in the state universities has been closed for a long time due to lack of youth leadership in the state.

The manifesto demands that the government should immediately restore the student elections in accordance with the recommendations of the Lyngdu Commission.

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