“Spar Between India and Canada May Aid UK in Higher Education,” Industry Experts

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 5, 2023
Hyderabad : “The recent political differences between India and Canada may lead to the United Kingdom accommodating a higher intake of international students from India,” said experts from a top UK university. Responding to a question during a press meet after the launch of the MBA in Healthcare Management coursebook in Hyderabad, international education experts from University of Roehampton London termed the geo-political developments ‘unfortunate’.

The event was organized by Sanwariya Educational Consultants on Tuesday.

Visiting university officials opined that “although this may be a temporary phase for India and Canada, the developments may push a higher number of students to the UK, as the region is an established premier destination of higher education for Indian students.”

Mr. Guillaume Richard, the Director of Recruitment, Admissions, and International Development at the University of Roehampton, said “in an era where international education is a top choice for young students, the United Kingdom emerges as a premier destination, offering exceptional opportunities for aspiring youth.”

He also underscored the university’s “rich history of over 180 years, boasting a diverse student body representing 145 nations” which creates an ideal environment for academic and personal growth.

Ms. Vidhi Mistry, the Associate Director of Business Development, said the recent developments may divert greater number of Indian students to regions like the UK and Australia, among others. She also detailed various scholarship opportunities and avenues for higher education.

MBA in Health Care Management is one of the few courses in the United Kingdom that offers business administration expertise in healthcare. This is particularly important in the post-Covid era, he said while adding that the University of Roehampton is among UK’s top 10 universities, and ranks first in the UK for Law.  He highlighted the academic programs spanning diverse disciplines, including Business, Law, Arts, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Life and Health Sciences, and Psychology.

Mr. Richard shared that the university currently hosts 10,000 students from around the world, with 1,800 of them pursuing postgraduate studies, making it the third fastest-growing university on the international stage. Furthermore, Mr. Neil Haddock, the Head of International Recruitment, said “The University of Roehampton is ranked among the ‘Top 10 Universities in the UK’, offering students a unique “best of both worlds” educational experience.

For students aspiring to undertake postgraduate courses in the vibrant city of London, the University of Roehampton extends access to over 85 specialized postgraduate programs distributed across six academic schools and faculties spread over a 54-acre campus.

The Managing Director of Sanwariya Educational Consultants, Mr. Rajesh Goel, welcomed the guests. Mrs. Sangeeta Goel, CEO of Sanwariya Educational Consultants, underlined the University of Roehampton’s “strong commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community where students are empowered to succeed”. The university’s professional services, academic engagement, and student union contribute to an outstanding holistic student experience, placing a significant emphasis on well-being and personal growth.

Senior officials from the University of Roehampton London, including Mr. Guillaume Richard, Mr. Neil Haddock, and Mr. Mohit Gambhir, Managing Director of Oxford International Education Services were present at this event.

They opined that “a Roehampton degree is designed to ensure graduates possess the qualities essential for success in today’s dynamic world: confidence, adaptability, and the ability to collaborate with individuals from all walks of life.” The University officials invited students to explore a wealth of opportunities that extend beyond academics, promoting an enriching university experience both intellectually and socially.

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