SIO Telangana joins  DSC Protest at Dharna Chowk, sought Mega DSC and De-Reserve Urdu DSC seats

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 4, 2023

Hyderabad : SIO Telangana here on Tuesday participated in a joint protest along with English, Telugu, and Urdu medium DSC aspirants. The protest was held to demand the Telangana government to conduct a mega DSC recruitment for all vacant posts.

The protest was attended by many Urdu medium DSC aspirants.

PR Secretary, SIO Telangana, Abdul Rahman  said that, “These DSC posts were released just for election purposes. This is not proper DSC. We demand the government to conduct mega DSC and De-reserve Urdu medium seats. DSC should be conducted according to RTA. Many posts of D.I.E.T colleges do not have faculty, even the seats of guest faculty are empty since many years. Students who are upcoming teacher are facing a lot problems due to this negligence. ”

Professor Kondandram, a well-known social activist, was also part of the protest. He spoke in support of the DSC aspirants and demanded that the government take their demands seriously.

“The protest was a success and it drew the attention towards  the plight of the DSC aspirants. SIO Telangana is committed to continuing its fight for the rights of DSC aspirants and all other marginalized groups in Telangana,” stated, SIO.


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