2BHK | “Those Who Are Already Having Houses, have benefitted again while genuine beneficiaries remain living in rented houses with misery,”

ByVoiceup Media

Oct 4, 2023

The developments coming out from Rajendra Nagar area – where people across communities are protesting against the alleged denial of 2BHK houses, despite a long wait is definitely not going well with the BRS camps. 

 Just a day after distribution of a few hundred double bedroom houses in different mandals of the Rangareddy district, the people, mainly those who found their names remain missing from the list of beneficiaries, held a protest before the office of the GHMC Rajendra Nagar on Tuesday. Angry protesters sought clarification from the officials and demanded the local MLA to visit the spot and address their issue.

 From local MLA to BRS government, people found venting their frustration on every one they believe are responsible for their sufferings and hardship. Irrespective of faith and belief, people joined hands and raised hackles against the government for depriving them from their legitimate right of having a roof on their heads.

 The brouhaha soon dragged the attention of police as the angry mob blocked the busy Himayat Sagar road leading to MLA camp office further to Outer Ring Road (ORR). The protestors reportedly not happy with the way they were deprived from 2BHK houses. They blamed that the people already having houses have benefitted again while genuine beneficiaries remain living in rented houses with misery.

 “Is this the way the BRS government wants us to believe that the KCR ruling is completely immune to discrepancies once widely practised by the previous governments,” asked a protester.

“We will not believe in a false theory of transparent government proclaimed by the BRS government,” said N.Balram, a protester who claimed to have been waiting for the 2BHK house ever since the BRS party took power.

 As the protest lasted for almost 2-3 hours, the vehicular moment on the busy Himayat Sagar Road came to grinding halt. It took almost an hour for the local police to disperse the protesters and clear the vehicular moment.

 However, it appears that the public outrage created out of the 2BHK house scheme has become deeply entrenched and may cause trouble for the government in the upcoming elections.




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