Jalpally |Poor civic and sanitary state leave Erra Kunta residents in the lurch  

ByVoiceup Media

Sep 25, 2023

Hyderabad: Years of faulty planning and negligence in providing civic amenities and sanitary measures in Jalpally municipality are said to have been playing havoc now in different wards where people are finding themselves completely in-thrall of seasonal maladies.

 One among them is Ward No.1 of Erra Kunta area where people and children seen wading through the sewage overflowing in streets and clogged filth at corners every few meters are the common scenes in several wards. Most of the areas have no formal and safe water supply lines as people primarily count-on bore well water. 

 Plastic supply lines are found passing through the streets alongside sewerage and can be seen partially concealed under the earth and over the surface at several locations. 

 Mosquito infestation is the added menace that is hunting the local people for years while the sewerage emanating from septic tanks found spilling on the roads as no sewerage lines were laid to allow it to flush it properly. 

 “We were forced to wade through the filth with a reeking smell every time we stepped out of the house. Neither the leaders nor the municipal authorities took pain and cognizance of the sufferings of the local people,” rued Mohd Shaker, a resident of Erra Kunta, under Maheshwaram constituency.  

 Endorsing the same, Shaikh Ahmed another resident said, “Almost every house has members suffering from different kinds of ailments that include seasonal maladies and chronic diseases related to kidneys, liver and heart. No proper healthcare facilities like Primary and Community Health Centers compounding their issue.” 

 “As the elections are drawing closer, the municipality picked up a few stretches to turn them into metalled roads that too without leaving any scope for sewerage lines beneath the roads that may pose a grave threat in future,” said Obaidullah, a resident of the same colony under Maheshwaram constituency.

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