People aghast over lack of roads and pathetic sanitary state in Jalpally

ByVoiceup Media

Sep 22, 2023

Contrary to the claims of developments by the local leadership, the people in Jalpally municipality are complaining of unfair treatment in sharing fruits of development like roads and sewerage lines especially when it comes to areas where leaders have allegiance with the opposition parties.

“While some of the wards represented by the AIMIM and BRS party get the roads approved in the municipality, the areas home to opposition leaders were squarely deprived from similar facilities ever since the formation of new municipality,” rued Abdul Bari, Vice President Congress Committee Jalpally municipality.

Despite bringing the issue of poor road, lack of sewerage line and unhygienic condition in Ward No.8, Saif Colony in Shaheen Nagar area, the municipal officials pay no heed to the grievance and comfortably dragging the matter from one pretext to another only to serve the goals of their political bosses,” blamed Bari.

Lashing out at the Engineering Section for not adopting standard operative procedure in executing roads and sewerage works, he said, whatever the roads are being laid was done without sewerage lines that too in the streets having houses of ruling leaders or their relatives and supporters.

Endorsing the same Omer Bahmed, another resident of the area said, “Scores of people in different wards of Jalpally municipality are suffering from health complications due to lack of proper sewerage system while the authorities laying roads most of them without sewerage lines only to compound the issue further while leaders of ruling parties are found taking pride in depriving the people from the fruits of development.”

Blaming that the Commissioner and Director Municipal Administration (CDMA) for ignoring the plight of the people in Jalpally municipality, he said, “The local municipal staff and officials are well aware of the pathetic state of civic affairs prevailing in most of the Jalpally area but deliberately turning a blind eye towards public grievance on the behest of political leaders.”

“Due to absence of an affective sanitary arrangements and lack of basic amenities like roads and sewerage lines, people almost of all ages became prone to the seasonal maladies and, in some cases, children as young as 17-25 years are getting affected from chronic ailments like liver and kidney failure,” K.Suresh, a resident of Pahadi Shareef.




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