Hyderabad: A customer reportedly beaten to death by ‘Restaurant-Staff’ over curd serving

ByVoiceup Media

Sep 11, 2023

One of the customers reportedly was beaten to death by ‘Meridian-Restaurant’ staff over curd serving under Panjagutta Police Station Limits on Sunday Night.

According to the details, Mohammed Liaqat, resident of Hashamabad, Bandlaguda went to the ‘Meridian-Restaurant’ for dinner along with his friends. The waiter, however, was asked to serve with curd, which led to ensuing argument between the customers and the staff inside the Restaurant.

Afterward, a group of waiters with manager stopped the deceased and beat him up badly as a result Mohammed Liaqat had received internal injuries. Instead of taking to the Hospital the Punjagutta Police moved to Police Station where deceased condition deteriorated and even though the man had requested cops to take him to the hospital but he was taken to the hospital by his friends where he was declared brought dead.

One of his friends alleged that the deceased pleaded cops to take him to hospital as he was not feeling well despite this he was held up in the Police Station. He was not provided any help by the police that reportedly caused delay to shift him the Hospital.

“The fight broke out with Restaurant Staff over curd serving while we werr having dinner. One of my friends Liaqat was beaten up badly by the Staff inside the Restaurant. In the presence of police, we were too beaten up and all of us brought to the police Station. At that time, Liaqat’s condition was not well and even had requested a police officer to shift him to the hospital, but nobody was in a mood to help him. Afterward, we only took him to the hospital where he was declared dead. If the police acted swiftly his life could be saved,” said one of the friends Hamed who was with him at the Meridian Restaurant during the quarrel.

AIMIM MLC Rahmat Baig met the family members and had details of the incident. He met Police higher-ups and sought immediate action against, those who are involved behind the killing of Mohammed Liaqat.

A CCTV footage of the brawl came to light showing that in presence of police fight broke out between Restaurant Staff and customers that prompted police to intervene and disbursed them.





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