Hyderabad| Student who refused to help cheat in examination beaten up badly, CCTV footage came to light 

ByVoiceup Media

Sep 8, 2023

A CCTV footage came to light showing some students beat up their fellow student after the latter reportedly had refused to tell them some anwers during the examination.

The incident took place under Chaderghat Police Station Limits and the student who was beaten up identified as Arif. He is now being treated in a hospital where his condition said to be critical. 

In a viral video showed that a group of youth came out of the examination centre apparantly  in a cellar where a group of students rounded the victim and one of them dragged Arif away and beat him up badly.

The victim fell on the ground and wounded seriously and was not able to walk properly.

“My brother was beaten up badly by his fellow student Kaif who had refused to help him in cheat in the examination. The incident happed at about 1:30 pm inside SIS College Cellar which is located at Nalgonda X road.

We have lodged a complaint in Chaderghat Police Station and requested police to take  immediate action against the assailant Kaif,” victim Arif’s brother demanded.

However, there is no clarification from the college authorities and Police in this regard.




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