Heavy rain lashes city again, normal life disrupted in Hyderabad

ByVoiceup Media

Sep 7, 2023

The heavy rainfall once again lashed the city  on Wednesday night resulting in the inundation of many low-lying areas in Hyderabad.

In a span of a few minutes, the rains turned most of the city streets into lakes. Also, some areas in the city witnessed power outages, waterlogging and disruption of normal life overnight.

The heavy rains create fear and pose threat to localities along the Musi River as the heavy rains are likely to increase water level in twin reservoirs.

Already, twin water reservoirs flood gates lifted and released excess water. The authorities opened six gates of Osman Sagar and Himayath Sagar in the day, owing to this huge inflow of water into the river and low laying areas were inundated.

In view of surge in of water level in Musi River, officials have closed Puranapul, Jiyaguda New road as a precautionary measure. The traffic movement have been diverted towards Mustaidpura.

  According to Telangana State Development Planning Society (TSPDS) forcast, Hyderabad is likely to witness more rain for the next couple of days.

The citizens, however, were asked to take preventive and precautionary measures during rains and avoid to leave homes.













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