Hyderabad: Applicants protest for 2BHK outside Hyd Collector Office 

ByVoiceup Media

Sep 6, 2023

A score of applicants here on Wednesday staged a protest against the alleged negligence and corruption in the 2BHK Scheme. They demanded Government to allot double-bedroom houses to the homeless and deserving people.  

The applicants reportedly have been making rounds of the offices for the last 5-14 years for the 2BHK scheme and even though all necessary documents have been submitted as well as verification has been done much before, but except hollow words the applicants did not get anything.

“We have been making rounds of the offices for last 14-years. All the related documents were submitted, but nothing has been done  to allot the homes. The verification and inspection was also carried out much before, but to our surprise the 2BHK are not being alloted to the serving poor people. We sincerely request the Government of Telangana to intervene in the matter and provide homes to the homeless,” said, applicants, Devika, Padmini, Mahadevi, and Radha while narrating the ordeals being faced for the 2BHK.

It may be mentioned here that the first distribution of the double-bedroom housing scheme in the city saw protest and disappointment among the applicants who were not chosen for allotment. Many were disheartened for non-allotment in the first phase and alleged favouritism by local leaders.

Chand Pasha, president, Social Welfare Society Mahila Sanghan claimed that injustice was being done with homeless people and double-bedroom allotment is made to those who have exist homes.

“The matter, however, was brought to the notice of Hyderabad Collector and officials concerned several times but nothing is done in this regard,” said, Chand Pasha, president Welfare Society. 

However, The applicants have requested Government of Telangana to look into this matter and ask officials concerned to ensure transparency in alloting the houses to the poors deserving one.





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