Hyderabad: Under Construction Govt School Building poses threat to students life in Chanchalguda

ByVoiceup Media

Sep 2, 2023

Students sitting on the benches and teachers were busy to explain and dictating something regarding their subjects inside the classrooms sans basic amenities. In fact, the school building is being constructed and it appears to be a lot of works need to be done.

How much time would take to complete the construction is not known and the authorities were not available to comment on the issue being faced by the students.

Amjed Ullah Khan, Spokesman, MBT said that he had visited the School and brought this issue to the notice of Sabitha Indra Reddy, Minister for Education, Government of Telangana and requested her to inquire into this and take necessary action and change the place for conducting Classes.


“It’s very horrible to note that Classes for students are going on in an under construction building in Government High School, Chanchalguda risking the life of Students and Staff. Dont know who gave permission to the Principal Govt High School Chanchalguda to take Classes in an under construction risking the life of students,” said, Amjed Ullah Khan, MBT spokesperson.

He further notified that gross negligence of TSEWIDC contractor endangering lives of students during construction of a new building at Government Junior College, Chanchalguda. 

“Many big pits of 6 feet have been dug up without any proper barricading or precautions to avoid any untoward incident. I have visited the site and assured that I will speak to Sabitha Indra Reddy Minister for Education and will see that the said contractor takes all precautionary measures,” added, Amjed Ullah Khan.

Presently, students are facing lot of difficulties and causing much inconvenience to the teaching staff due to the ongoing construction.


“On one side CM KCR and KTR talk big about spending crores of rupees by their Govt on safeguarding, restoration of heritage structures but on ground zero majority of heritage structures are being demolished and properties are encroached. The heritage properties which are under State Govt or are being used by Telangana Govt for public purpose are in shambles,” said, Amjed Ullah Khan.

Mr. Khan pointed out that  TSEWIDC was asked to repair the Government High School, Chanchalguda building but without any intimation or permission decades  old Heritage building has been demolished for construction of a new Building.

“Many prominent Personalities, Politicians, Judges, Doctors, Enginers including those who took part in 1960’s Telangana agitation and Telangana Statehood agitation are students of this School,” reminded MBT Spokesperson.





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