Hyderabad: Pakistani National arrested for staying illegally at Kishan Bagh area

ByVoiceup Media

Sep 1, 2023

A Pakistani National who has been staying illegally at Kishanbagh area in the old city of Hyderabad arrested.

According to the details, Bahadurpura Police on August 31 took a Pakistani National who had entered India illegally through Nepal (Katmandu) Border during November-2022, without a valid Visa and was illegally staying at NM Guda, Kishan Bagh, Hyderabad and Pakistan Passport and other documents were seized from his possession.

The man has been identified as Faiz Mohammed, S/o. Late Gulam Jan, aged 24 years, from Swat Village, Shangal District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Brief about the accused persons:

“The accused is a native of Pakistan and during December 2018 the he had gone to Saif Zone, Sharjah, UAE and worked at Desert Studio Garments Company in the stitching & finishing department. In the year 2019 the accused met with an Indian national Neha Fatima, 29 years old, from Asad Baba Nagar, Kishanbagh, Hyderabad, Telangana, India and helped her to secure a Job at Millennium Fashion Industry as a tailor. At that time the accused developed a relationship and got married and blessed with one son aged about 03 years,” P. Sai Chaitanya, DCP South Zone told media while addressing a press conference on Friday.

Seized Documents.

1) Islamic Republic of Pakistan passport vide no. KBO167301 

2) I-Phone Bearing  IMEI No. 353984103174293, 353985103274341 (Phone No. 7093585185)

3) Pakistan National Identity card B. No. 15502-8339730-7 issued on 08.05.2017 having validity upto 08.05.2027.

4) Birth Certificate of Mohd Ghouse vide Registration No. 2730 issued by Dr. Aizaz Khasim, AMOH Circle No. 07.

5) Flight tickets (connecting flight from Pakistan to Nepal via Dubai) vide Flight No. FZ539.

6) Boarding Pass vide KHI FZ332, dated: 13 Nov.

7) Accommodation booking confirmation at OYO 352 Hotel Konark Inn at Katmandu vide confirmation No. 3008.503.496.

8) Nepal, Bus Ticket booked in Kathmandu to proceed Indo Nepal Border vide No. 812.

9) 14-Indian Railways tickets vide No’s 4739, 4740, 5366, 2790, 5368, 2792, 2791, 5364, 2793, 5365, 2794, 5363, 2804, 5367.

10) Aadhar Enrolment form copy vide No. 0012/13201/03377

Modus operandi:

 The accused wife staying at Kishan Bagh, as such A2 & A3 who is mother and father in laws of the accused, called the A1 from Pakistan to India by saying that they will manage to get the local identity of A1 to stay in India. A1 illegally had entered the country through Nepal (Katmandu) without obtaining a valid Visa from concerned authority, where A2 (Zubair Shaik) & A3 (Afzal Begum) pickup A1 from Nepal border by managing the border officials and brought to NM Guda, Kishan Bagh, Hyderabad and staying illegally. Further A2 & A3 took A1 to the Aadhar office situated at Madhapur and enrolled A1 with the name of Mohd Ghouse who is son of A2 & A3 by submitting a Birth certificate, by impersonating A1 as Mohd Ghouse. 



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