Ibrahimpatnam: Water-mixed with petrol anger motorists at Sriguda, sought action

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 29, 2023

A score of motorists staged a protest and demanded action against the owner of a petrol bunk located at Sriguda, under Ibrahimpatnam Mandal in Ranga Reddy District.

They alleged that water-mixed with petrol were being sold out to the vehicular and its was known to them when the bike engines suddenly stopped working.

When the bikes given to check then only it came to know the fact behind water-mixed with petrol.

It was complained that almost 20 vehicles came to a halt at a distance of half-kilo -meter despite getting ample petrol in the tank. But to their surprise, more than water was found mixed with the petrol.

Immediately after, they rushed to the petrol pump and registered their protest against the petrol bunk owner.

“We got the petrol here and our vehicles suddenly came to a halt at a distance of half-kilo-meter. Then we checked the petrol and its quality then only having found out more than water mixed with the petrol that drove us back here for the clarification from the owner,” said, one of the motorists.

However, They requested concerned authorities to take note of the water-mixing with petrol and initiate actions against those  who are responsible behind cheating people.



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