Hyderabad: Unhealthy atmosphere irks old city residents 

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 29, 2023

Piles of Garbage and prevailing unhealthy atmosphere in certain parts of old city areas has been a matter of concern for the residents.

Though several complaints are reportedly made to the officials concerned to ensure regular lifting of the wastage laying in the streets and in front of religious places. But the issue is not being taken seriously by the  authorities and failed to address the problems being faced by the people in the localities.

Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, Minority Spokesperson told Voiceup Media that the public grievances were not being taken seriously by the officials and the unhealthy atmosphere is causing concern for the residents.

“Still garbage is surrounded after officials said complaint been resolved, posing #fake photo by concerned person kindly take stern action against laziness and fraudulent staff & #demand inspection of area asap, @KTRBRS @GadwalvijayaTRS,” tweeted Mohammed Ahmed, leader, TDP.

He alleged that the city of Hyderabad was made ‘Dust-Bin’ free but the mechanism of lifting garbage is not satisfactory.

“Telangana govt. has made #HYD a dust bin free city but not a garbage free city. at Moghalpura opp hafiz danka masjid @GHMCOnline is now free to dump garbage,household waste wherever they like.This is one such unofficial dumpyard by #GHMC,@KTRBRS @GadwalvijayaTRS @CommissionrGHMC,” TDP spokesperson added in another tweet.

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