Academic Summit on the Life of Prophet Ibraheem (AS) was organised in Hyderabad

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 28, 2023

The Student Islamic Organisation (SIO)  Telangana in association with Henry Martyn Institute (HMI) here on Sunday has  organized an Academic Summit on the Life of Prophet Ibraheem (AS)

“The Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) Telangana in collaboration with Henry Martyn Institute (HMI) organized an Academic Summit on the Life of Prophet Ibraheem (AS) on 26th August at the HMI campus in Hyderabad,” stated, in press communique, adding that, “The event was inaugurated with the recitation of sacred verses from the Quran and Bible, setting a reverent tone for the discussions that followed,”

Rev. Dr. Packiam T Samuel, the Principal of HMI, said that, “We need to collaborate and conduct such interfaith programs to prevent misconceptions regarding minorities”. He appreciated SIO’s diligent efforts in hosting such enlightening programs and warmly acknowledged SIO as an integral part of their extended family.

The seminar unfolded with the presentation of research papers. Three students from HMI, Ms Apang Chungpang, Rev. K. Jason and K.G. Pousonglung shared their scholarly contributions, followed by SIO members Br Sattar Ahmed Khan, Br Meer Omar Ali, and Br Abdur Rafey who presented their insightful papers. Mr. Tariq Muneer  from JIH and Dr S.S. Waheed Hussaini Multani from HMI provided their expert commentary on the presented papers.

Br Hafeez, the Zonal President of SIO Telangana, said “We need to promote plurality by increasing dialogue between Abrahimic and Non-Abrahimic Religions, this prevents the development of hatred between communities”. He then concluded by summarizing the key takeaways from the summit.

The event culminated with a thoughtful exchange of gifts, fostering a sense of camaraderie and intellectual exchange.

“The Academic Summit on the Life of Prophet Ibraheem (AS) was a great success. It was a timely and relevant event that brought together scholars and students from different faiths to discuss the life and teachings of one of the most important figures in the Abrahamic tradition. The event helped to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding, and it is hoped that it will have a lasting impact on the participants and the wider community,” added


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