Muzaffarnagar Viral Video | ” We deeply hurt seeing our child is slapped,”

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 27, 2023

A most reliable bond between a teacher and a student was marred by a narrow minded teacher in Uttar Pradesh.

A shocking video is being largely circulated on Social Media showing how young minds push into hatred against a particular community.

A day after the incident both the community people including parents and teacher  came out with clarifications and reactions over the incident.

The student narrated how he was insulted and made to slap by his classmates for failing to focus on his study.

“I was slapped by other students in the classroom at the behest of our teacher. He told other students to slap me one after another,” student told the Media.

The teacher said that there was no such intention to hurt the community people, but the boy was slapped by his classmates to encourage him towards study.

The parents who saw that video which has gone viral reacted strongly against the attitude of the teacher and sought legal action into the matter.

” We have seen the video showing our son being slapped in the presence of the teacher. it deeply hurt our sentiments and angered most. The teacher could slap or beat him but she allowed other students to hit him,” said the boy’s parents.

The video came to light on Friday of a teacher  in UP’s Muzaffanagar district asking students to slap a Muslim classmate.

Priyanka Kanoongo, chairperson said that the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights taken cognisance of the incident and would take legal action.






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