Muslim congress party worker misbehaved by his own party chief Revath Reddy, Video goes viral

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 25, 2023

A Muslim congress party worker not only misbehaved but also was driven away by TPCC president Revanth Reddy on Friday in Vikarabad District.

A video surfaced and is being circulated on Social Media showing TPCC President Revanth Reddy is pushing away a Muslim party worker of his own party, who was trying to felicitate him during his visit to the Vikarabad.

Such kind of political leaders’ attitude with a Muslim party worker hurt the people sentiments and is  largely objected to within the community.

“Muslims should realise that Whether they have value or not in their own parties and they are given importance or not or just being used as a tool in the name of secularism. TPCC president Revanth Reddy should clarify as to why such an attitude was adopted with a Muslim man? If the Congress Party is really secular and concerned with Muslim Minority issues then it has to make it clear,”? Mohd Ahmed, TDP Minority leader, reacted.

Muslim Minority leaders associated different political parties were urged to take note of the incident and break their silence.

“Just before the election such type of incidents come to light then what muslims can be expected after the polls?,” added, TDP leader.

In fact, Muslims have a lot of hope with the congress party, but sudden apperance of this video may tarnish the image of the congress party in Telangana and it may cause to lose the confidence of the Muslim Community.

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