“BRS & BJP are two sides of the same coin,” alleged congress leader Anjan Kumar Yadav

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 21, 2023

Congress party senior leader and former MP Anjan Kumar Yadav alleged that BRS and BJP are two sides of the same coin and appealed to people to dethrone the ruling party in upcoming elections.

The Congress Party leaders and workers had gathered in New Hafeezpet to pay tribute to former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi on his 79th birth anniversary.

The New Hafeezpet and old Hafeezpet are Muslims dominated areas under Serilingampally Constituency. More than three floors building constructions, lack of fire safety measures , illegal encroachments and lack of local leaders’ attention towards Muslim Minority issues has upset them.

Drawing attention towards BRS alleged support to certain bills presented by BJP in the Parliament Congress leader Anjan Kumar urged Muslim voters to teach the State and Central Governments in the forthcoming elections.

“BRS  has supported the laws brought by BJP in parliament and the time has come to teach them a lesson,” said, congress leader while addressing a gathering in New Hafeezpet.

He claimed that the Congress Party would come to power in Telangana State.





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