Hyderabad: Deaf-mute woman reportedly raped by her neighbour in bathroom at Humayun Nagar area

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 19, 2023

A 24-year-old deaf-mute woman reportedly raped by her neighbour in bathroom on Friday night at Humayun Nagar area.

According to the details, the matter came to light when the victim’s daughter found her mother was being taken forcibly inside the bathroom where she was allegedly raped by her neighbour who has been identified as Sai of the same locality.

The incident happened in absence of family members and when the victim was alone then only culprit gained acess inside the home and raped the lady.

The culprit who reportedly committed the heinous crime has been arrested. According to the relatives, Sai had been harassing the lady for last several weeks and the matter was brought to the notice of his family members seeking to intevene in the matter. Despite this, he continued and committed the crime.

“The incident brought to light tonight and we sought immediate police help to bring out the culprit. The lady was being teased by her neighbour Sai for over 4 months. Today, he managed to enter the house in absence of family members and took the woman inside bathroom, where she was raped. We have registered a complaint and the victim has been sent for medical examination,” Mohd Khasim, Corporator, Vijaya Nagar Colony told Media.

The victim’s relatives protested and demanded justice and immediate action against the culprit Sai.


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