Hyderabad: Over 100 Govt primary school buildings rental arrears upset owners


Aug 18, 2023

Hyderabad: More than 100 building owners housing Government Primary Schools in some parts of Hyderabad requested the Government of Telangana to ensure immediate clearance of the rental arrears is reportedly pending for the last three years.

A delegation of Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) Hyderabad met Mr. Harish Rao, Finance Minister, Telangana and submitted a representation seeking to intervene in the alleged irregularities in clearing rental arrears of Government primary school buildings.

“The matter, however, was brought to the notice of the Finance Minister Mr. Harish Rao and informed him about the irregularities in the payment of rental arrears over the past 3 years due to this the building owners have to face difficulties,’’ Shehraz, secretary, SIO, Hyderabad.

Mohammed Ateeq Ahmed, one of the building owners and member of the building owners association told TOI that they have been making rounds of the offices for rental arrears due for several months but except hollow words nothing has been done to clear the rent so far.

“We have also met Mr. Harish Rao, Finance Minister and Mrs. Sabita Indra Reddy, Education Minister to let them know about our problems owing to rental arrears, but no initiatives have been taken to address the issue. The delay in clearing the rental arrears causes much inconvenience to the building owners as we are not able to maintain the structures wherein scores of the students are getting education,’’ said Ateeq Ahmed.

In a representation submitted to the Finance Minister Mr Harish Rao stated that there were almost 105 Government Primary Schools running in the rented buildings and the owners of those buildings were not getting the rents.

“The owners of school buildings used to receive rental amounts once in 3-4months from the State Government. For the past three financial years from 2019-2020, 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 the budget required to pay the rents of all these schools has not been cleared. It causes rental arrears of 6-7 months in each financial year. A total of 20 months of rental arrears were pending up to March 2023 from 2019,’’ Shehraz told TOI.

He reminded that in a letter to Director School Education TS by District Educational Officer of Hyderabad district, dated 23-02-2023, mentioned clearly that the total budget required in the financial year 2022-2023 including the arrears was Rs 4, 70, 87,384. As a result the building owners were unable to do the maintenance of school premises and faced severe financial problems as they belonged to middle class families.

“After a couple of days, an amount Rs 45,03,359 were released by the Govt but it was not sufficient to clear the arrears. Also the bills claimed by the owners were rejected. SIO Hyd again met Finance Minister of Telangana State Mr. Harish Rao July 29,2023 and made representations in this regard include clearing of all pending rental arrears Rs 4, 70, 87,384, Issue of rents on 1st of every month current year Budget requirement,’’ further pointed by SIO Secretary,” further notified by the delegation.

Mr. Harish Rao is said to have assured the delegation to resolve the issue soon and forwarded the matter to the concerned authorities

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