Hyderabad: Police chief asks officers to administer their duties impartially and maintain effective control over law and order


Aug 17, 2023

City Police Commissioner Mr.CV Anand here on Wednesday has convened a video conference along with officers including Sub-Inspectors (SI) and above rank officials representing all the wings. The objective of this conference was to inform the newly appointed officers about the challenges in metropolitan policing and Hyderabad City Police culture while providing a comprehensive overview of the recent reorganization and guide them to do effective policing.

“The growing population of Hyderabad, a rise in vehicle numbers, and the need for mega city policing plan was the criteria to reorganize the Hyderabad City Police Commissionerate,’’ said, Commissioner of Police C.V Anand while addressing to the officials during a video conference.

He further said that,  “the conference marked a turning point as directives were unequivocally issued to all supervisory officers and the IT cell, mandating the expeditious mapping of boundaries across internal IT platforms & applications. The goal is to fortify inter-departmental synergy and overcome operational hurdles. Emphasizing the utmost adherence to ethical standards and no form of malpractice will be tolerated,’’

Delving into the intricate details of each zone, divisions, and police stations, he also conducted a review of the staff allocations, and interacted with the new officers. After revisiting the prevailing roles & responsibilities, fixed duties and allocation of manpower to different category in the police stations was also discussed.

City Police Chief exhorted all officers to administer their duties impartially and maintain effective control over law and order, crime prevention, and related domains. The DCPs were specifically directed to conceptualize innovative strategies and methodologies to bolster policing efforts.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as the effective utilization of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) installations, the Fitcop program, and the adherence to discipline and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were also discussed in the video conference.

He also made it clear that a resolute commitment to cyber security, with a concerted effort to impart advanced investigative skills across all police stations, so as to enable a more effective approach towards tackling cybercrimes. He reviewed all the crimes pending for want of arrests, investigation, FSL reports, and charge sheets. The CP told the officers that he will be conducting wing wise meetings starting with Hyderabad Traffic police in the days to come.

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