Watch | Congress BC meet marred by internal differences in Adilabad 

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 15, 2023

At the Congress BC leaders meeting held in Adilabad, there was a lot of confusion when two district level leaders clash each other in front of Congress senior leader VP Hanumantha Rao.

The videos of the clash, which showed the two sides fighting and heckling each other in front of the leader, quickly spread on social media.

The clash erupted between the rival camps led by Adilabad Congress district President Sajid khan and another party leader Kandi srinivas reddy.

It has been reported that senior party leader Sajid Khan has objected over Srinivas Reddy. As a result, both sides resorted to shouting slogans and engaging in altercations, leaving the party’s state leadership in a state of confusion.


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