Watch | Six-year-old girl found dead in suspected bear assault in Andhra Pradesh

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 12, 2023

After a possible “Bear Attack,” a six-year-old girl was found dead in Tirumala early on Saturday.

Lakshita, 6, went missing last night, and her body was found with severe facial injuries, leading authorities to believe that she was attacked by a bear.

Lakshita from the Dornapadu village in the Nellore District was found dead in the early morning near the Narasimha Swamy Temple, according to a TTD official.

According to TTD’s chief security and vigilance officer D Narasimha Kishore, the girl had requested her father to purchase her something but he declined, so she walked on and vanished.

He noted that leopards do not frequently visit the area where the girl’s body was discovered, and that forest officials suspected the wild attack.

According to Kishore, the TTD consider to formulate a new guideline about whether or not visitors with young children are allowed to pass via the steps after 6 p.m. After a  boy recently escaped a leopard assault.





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