Nuh Violence: Voices of Concern and Calls for Justice in APCR Report Release

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 10, 2023

 In the wake of the recent violence in Nuh and other districts, several prominent individuals have come forward to express their concerns, share observations, and demand justice for the affected communities in a press conference organized by the Association for Protection of Civil Rights(APCR) today, at Jawahar Bhawan, New Delhi.

Advocate Ramzan Chaudhary, Social Activist, Nuh: Highlighting the historical communal harmony in Mewat, Advocate Ramzan Chaudhary emphasized the neglect of development in the region after independence. He pointed out ongoing conspiracies against Mewat and suggested that the recent violence might have been fueled by elements seeking to disrupt peace, naming individuals such as Bittu Bajrangi and Monu Manesar.

Advocate Tahir Hussain Dewla, Former President, District Bar Nuh: Alleging government orchestration of the recent violence, Advocate Dewla highlighted how the administration dismissed instigations for violent clashes. He shared instances of arbitrary arrests, including those who visited the Taj Mahal on the day of violence. A grim scenario unfolded in Mewat, with homes and children targeted.

Shadab Anwar, Brother of deceased Imam Saad: Shadab Anwar, brother of Imam Saad who lost his life in the violence, demanded justice for his brother’s death. He called for the arrest and punishment of the perpetrators, along with compensation from the Haryana government and employment opportunities from the government of Bihar.

Sabah Gurmat, Independent Journalist: Sabah Gurmat highlighted the alarming plight of women and children in the violence-stricken areas. She expressed concerns about the fear-induced environment, leading to people being hesitant to file FIRs. Gurmat pointed out instances of police misbehavior with women, false rumors of rape, and the suppression of voices through an internet shutdown.

Dr. Om Prakash Dhankar, Coordinator, All India Khap Panchayats: Dr. Dhankar discussed how recent events reflect a government conspiracy and lamented the role of politics in the cases filed against them. He emphasized the need for unity and vigilance within the society to prevent violent incidents.

Nadeem Khan, National Secretary, APCR: Nadeem Khan provided insight into the APCR’s fact-finding efforts, showing that recent riots were not spontaneous. He revealed the systematic orchestration of riots through various incidents over the years, highlighting the manipulation of processions and the biases portrayed in videos. Khan urged officers to file FIRs and announced their intention to file a petition for justice.

Professor Apoorvanand, Delhi University: Professor Apoorvanand expressed gratitude to APCR for their fact-finding report in Nuh. He criticized the mainstream media for spreading falsehoods and stressed the importance of fact-finding. Apoorvanand noted the administration’s involvement in preparations for violence and the manipulation of processions for nefarious purposes.

Mohammad Adeeb, Former Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha: Adeeb discussed police associations with certain groups and the lack of a Prime Minister for nine years. He emphasized the need to fight for justice, promising to stand up for the wronged in courts. Adeeb rallied against silence, urging unity and preparation to face challenges.

The voices of these concerned individuals echo the need for justice, unity, and accountability in the aftermath of the violence. They collectively highlight the importance of a thorough investigation and measures to prevent future incidents.



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