Hyderabad: Chilkur Priest visits mosque run dialysis centre, Palliative Nephrology introduced for the first time

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 10, 2023

In a glaring example of how bridges can be built for communal harmony, a free dialysis centre established in Masjid Mohammadia at Langer Houz in the old city of Hyderabad run by NGOs, Helping Hand Foundation & SEED-USA, provided 4758 free dialysis in the last one year to about 100 odd patients from different faiths, caste, and creed & managed by an all Hindu team of 10 staff members, comprising of dialysis technicians, nurses, paramedics, and housekeeping staff.

According to NGO, HHF-SEED, had set up the dialysis centre with 10 Dialysis machine, donated by its donors in memory of their loved one’s last year in July, the centre did close to 5000 free dialysis for patients from marginalised backgrounds, regardless of caste or creed, which resulted in a saving of at least Rs 1.5 crores of the patient money.

S. Rangarajan, Chief Priest of Chilkur Balaji Temple participating in the first anniversary function said that this is a classic case of inter-faith, harmony, respect, and love and extolled all to follow this model of Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeeb which Hyderabad stands for.

Venkatesh, Chief Technician at the centre said that,  “we joined this centre because of human values that HHF stands for in serving the patients from different communities, we never felt uncomfortable a single day working out of this place,”

The HHF notified that there were zero mortalities & zero cross infections, typically patients get exposed to HIV, Hepatitis C & B infections, if proper hygiene and sterilization of equipment and consumables is poor standard.

“Our idea is to bring high quality dialysis care on par with any corporate hospital at zero cost to the patient. This has now translated to a collective saving of Rs 1.5 Crores to the patients who are already under financial & emotional stress,” said Syed Mazharuddin Hussain of SEED-USA, a partner in this project.

The HHF-SEED Free dialysis centre also, announced that they will have Dr. Anjana Surat, Palliative Care Consultant to counsel the CKD patients on Palliative Nephrology, and help them cope effectively with stress, lifestyle changes, diet  that will help them get more functional for day to day work.

“Our idea was to provide free, comprehensive, and high-quality dialysis care to patients, several NRIs who visit India as medical tourist utilised the services at our centre and two patients are now lined up Renal Transplant who were undergoing dialysis at our centre,” said. Mujtaba Hasan Askari of Helping Hand Foundation


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