Watch| Car falls into a waterfall in Indore, one injured


Aug 7, 2023

A video appeared on social media showed a car falling into a lake in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. The video captured during the incident has now gone viral and being circulated on the social networking sites.

The incident reportedly took place on Sunday evening when a family was on picnic in the Lodia Kund area nearby Simrol.

According to the details, the car suddenly plunged into the waterfall while taking it to the reverse and driver reportedly failed to apply hand brakes that led the car to dive into waterfall.

In this incident one person reportedly injured while others were rescued by the people who were present around there. 

The video shows that a red color car falling from the edge of the waterfall and the door of the  car from the drivers’ seat opened as the driver was trying to halt it. The people around there were jumped into the lake and brought out.

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