Hyderabad: Bandlaguda Police takes out bike rally as part of friendly policing


Aug 4, 2023

Bandlaguda policemen on Thursday night took out a motorbike rally with an aim to enlighten friendly policing. The move was taken to ensure crime-free and create awareness among the general public with regard to law enforcement.

The bike rally started from Bandlaguda Police Station and passed through different localities including Chandrayangutta, MBNR Pilli Dargah, and Patelnagar Bandlaguda. In the course of rally, they met people asking them to cooperate police to ensure crime-free atmosphere.

“We have taken out a bike rally with an objective to create awareness among people that the police are committed to make sure crime-free atmosphere. The general public is requested to cooperate police and in case of any trouble or problem inform us. All the staff took part in this bike rally which passed through different routes to enlighten friendly policing,’’ said, one of the police officer during the bike rally.

The police, however, warned ‘Road-Romeos’ to face legal action if they are found roaming or sitting at night times.

“The youths should abstain from sitting out on the Chabutras or roaming outside during late night else they will have to face seriously legal actions,’’ police warned youngsters to abstain from illegal activities and roaming outside at night times.



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