Watch | Hyderabad: Mission Chabutra back in action, 45 detained


Aug 3, 2023

The city police on Wednesday resumed its late night drive ‘Chabutra Mission’ against the ‘Road-Romeos’ during night and rounded up many youngsters including students under Santoshnagar Police Limits.

Amid growing crime incidents and street fights among youths the police is requested by the residents to resume the Chabutra Mission in the old city of Hyderabad.

According to the Police, the drive was taken up in the areas of Santoshnagar and around 45 ‘Road-Romeos’ were picked up and counseled. Later, they  were let off with warning.

Old city residents request Hyderabad Police to resume the Mission-Chabutra as the growing late night youngster roaming and streets fights causing much inconvenience to the people.

“The ‘Chabutra-Mission’ was conducted in the limits of Santoshnagar and around 45 ‘Road-Romeos’ were taken into custody. They were counseled and let off with warning and the drive was taken up headed by SHO Shiva,’’


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