Rs 10 thousand cash reward announced to find out a missing parrot in Madhya Pradesh


Aug 3, 2023

A friendship between Sarus crane and a man drew everyone’s attention in the country and the videos of their acquaintance circulated a lot on Social Media few months back.

A similar story appeared on Social Media again and it is about a missing parrot from Damoh in Madhya Pradesh and ten thousand rupees cash prize has also been announced to inform or come with his/ her missing pet bird.

In this regard, missing parrot posters also pasted in the Damoh town with Rs 10 thousand cash reward offer to anyone, who brings to it and give information whereabouts of his beloved bird.

“My parrot has been missing since last night; my entire family adored it.” It flew away when my father brought it out the other day.

Mr. Soni has to say that the parrot had flown last week as well but had returned itself. But this time around, they have not seen it yet. That’s why the family set out in search of pet bird by offering cash prize or any information regarding it.

The man, however, is ready to pay more than ten thousand and just wants his pet bird back.

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