Hyderabad: Moving truck brings down a transformer in Al-Jubail Colony, no casualty | Watch Video


Aug 3, 2023

A transformer fell on the ground at Al-Jubail Colony, Falakanuma after a cable struck on a moving truck passing through the area on Wednesday night. As a result, the entire area had plunged into darkness for hours and no casualty reported.

Mohammed Amoodi, resident of Al-jubail Colony told that, “The main transformer of the locality fell on the ground which trigged power outage overnight. A ReadyMix Trauck caused to bring the electric transformer down, plunging into the darkness. There is no casualty or damage in the incident but the officials concerned should come out with corrective steps to ensure safety and security of the people,’’

The residents, however, held Transco authorities responsible for the occurrence. They alleged that the pole attached to transformer reportedly had not been installed properly and due to this, such incident taken place second time within a month.

“We have suffered a power outage in the locality earlier also due to the same problem. Despite this, it was not fixed properly. The pole attached to transformer had come down due to the loose ground and improper installation ,’’ said, angry residents.

In fact, the pole was reportedly erected without safety measures and concrete mix had not been laid to put up the pole at the place. Also, the dangling cable and lack of officials’ concerned attention towards such issues pose a serious threat to residents.

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