Watch: Man climbs atop hoarding tower in New-Hafeezpet to commit suicide, rescued


Aug 2, 2023

A man climbed atop hoarding tower in New-Hafeezpet to commit suicide, but he was rescued with the help of locals and police. According to the details, Ramesh, 35, years old was in drunken state and climbed atop of a hoarding tower on Monday night, located next to New-Hafeezpet flyover, under Miyapur Police Station Limits.

He threatened to jump from it, but the timely intervention of the locals and Miyapur Police could save the man’s life. The reason of taking extreme step by the person was not known immediately.

“It was around 9:30 pm, when we saw a drunken-man climbed atop of the hoarding and threatened to end his life by jumping down. Immediately after, the police and fire fighters were informed and along with my friends and police managed to bring him down,’’ said, Shaik Ismail, who was appreciated by Miyapur Police for his timely intervention to save the life of a person.

However, the man was handed over to his family and the people were asked not to take any such move that prove costlier for their life.

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