Train killing: MBT demands speedy trail and death sentence to Chetan Kumar on par with Ajmal Khasab

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 2, 2023

Amjed Ullah Khan, Spokesman), MBT demanded Chetan Kumar Constable Railway Protection Force (RPF) responsible for killing of four innocent persons using his service weapon should be hanged till death on par with Ajmal Kasab.

Mr Khan alleged that all credit should go to the those TV channel who were carrying hindutva agenda since last nine years against muslims and creating a militant mindset among disgruntled hindu elements having alliance to BJP, RSS.

“its very sad to note that the said gruesome incident has not been condemned by Narender Modi Prime Minister or Amit Sha Central Minister for Home, Govt of India,” said, MBT spokesperson.

He said that on behalf of MBT stand by the families of all the deceased including Tika Ram (ASI) who lost his life in yesterday’s incident.

Mr Khan said its very sad to know that the fourth victim of #JaipurExpressFiring is Syed Saifullah resident of Bazaarghat, Nampally survived by three daughters among which the youngest one is three months old.

MBT demanded Rs 50.0 lakhs should be given to the families of all four deceased and Government Job in Railway Department should be announced by  Narender Modi Prime Minister.

As Saif Ullah belongs to Telangana, Mr Khan demanded that CM KCR should visit the house of the deceased and announce a Govt job with Rs 50. lakhs with a two bed room flat.

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