Selling of crocodile meat exposed with the arrest of a poacher in Mulugu District

ByVoiceup Media

Aug 1, 2023

Telangana Forest Officials exposed the selling of crocodile meat by taking one person into custody. The man, however, was arrested from Mulugu district, which was badly hit by heavy rains.

According Forest authorities crocodiles were being caught by Poachers which had ventured along the banks of Godavari River. After killing the animal its meat was being sold out unlawfully.

The police, however, carried out a raid at Chandrupatla village where one person was arrested while others managed to flee from the spot. Crocodile meat and other body parts of the animal was seized by the Telangana Forest Officials.

“We have registered a case and investigation is on and are on the lookout for others who managed to escape,” said, forest official.

It may mentioned here that crocodiles had ventured on the banks of Godavari and Krishna rivers after heavy rains wreaked havoc in several parts of the State.

Crocodiles were hitting the shore for basking under the sun and they were seen venturing into agricultural fields, pods and other places including wanaparthy, Gadwal,Narayanpet and Mulugu district.

The recent rains lashed many parts of Telangana,due to this water bodies are overflowing and causing such animals to land along the bank of rivers or in the  agricultural fields.




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