Hyderabad: Round-Table meet on mental health held to discuss on rising psychological issues among youths.


Aug 1, 2023

A score of Psychiatrists, Doctors, and Activists here on Tuesday gathered to discuss on the rising psychological issues among youths. The event gathered experts, stakeholders, and concerned individuals to deliberate on the challenges faced by the youth in today’s fast-paced and demanding environment.

In a bid to address the pressing concerns surrounding the mental health and psychological well-being of the youth in Hyderabad, a round table meet was conducted by Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO).  The round table meet commenced by emphasizing the importance of mental well-being, and the urgency of the mental health crisis among young people and highlighting the need for collective action to combat it.

Furthermore, rapidly changing circumstances of society, lack of accountability and responsibility in today’s youth, lack of proper career planning, low, no parenting in slum areas, peer pressure and increasing child labour were among few factors discussed as major factors which contribute to psychological well-being of youth.

Prominent mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, educationists, professionals and counselors, engaged in insightful discussions on various aspects related to mental health. They explored the rising incidence of anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders among the youth in the city. It was discussed that among all autopsy cases that happen in government hospitals in the city, a large majority of them are suicide cases among youth. Additionally, the experts shed light on the impact of social media, total screen time per day, academic pressures, and family dynamics on the mental well-being of the younger generation.

Thereafter, participants have shared their experiences in supporting the youth and proposed collaborative strategies to promote better mental health practices like being involved in physical fitness activities, active social engagement, having faith, being grateful, patience and conducting awareness sessions etc. SIO also decided that it shall take-up these suggestions and work towards promoting psychological well-being of youth in the city.

“It was observed that mental health facilities and it’s infrastructures is worse than other health facilities in our country, so governments should also be encouraged to increase allocation towards promoting and providing mental health assistance to its citizens”, said Dr Farooq Khan, MD Psychiatry.

Dr. Osaid Ahmed Waseem, Pursuing MD Psychiatry Osmania University, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Khabeer ,State President, DARE, Dr Abdul Wasey, MD, community medicine, Member of Royal college of Psychiatrists UK, Consultant Psychiatrist in UK, and more than 50 National & International Research publications), Dr Zubair Ahmed Khan ( Pursuing MD, Forensic medicine), Abdul Hafeez (State President, SIO TS) and S Ameenul Hasan (Vice President JIH, MSc Psychology) were among the few guests present in the meeting.

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