Hyderabad: City-based Optometrist is on a mission to reach out patients to treat free of cost

ByVoiceup Media

Jul 30, 2023

A city-based Consultant Optometrist is on a mission to reach out patients to provide a free treatment facility in Hyderabad.

The decision was taken by Dr. M.A. Ateeq in view of increasing viral & allergic conjunctivitis cases being reported from various parts of the city.

He said that many people including children were being infected by allergic conjunctivitis and one has to take preventive measures to curb the infection.

“Many phone calls & messages being received through WhatsApp regarding conjunctivitis. I suggest everyone to be calm, and not to worry and take preventive steps to curb the infection. In fact, it is an allergic and viral conjunctivitis can go away with timely medication,” said, Dr.M.A.Ateeq, senior consultant Optometrist from Hyderabad.

In the wake of increasing conjunctivitis cases Dr.ATteeq came out with a decision to provide free treatment facility for the patients. He asked people to share one’s details to reach out for the free consultation and prescription.

“I will visit to the patients to find out the factors of conjunctivitis at their respective homes for free consultation and prescription  . It will be totally free of cost not even a single rupee will be charged,” he added.

It may be mentioned here that eye infection and viral & allergic conjunctivites cases are being reported in private and government hospitals. The doctors cautioned that it is viral infection and proper & hygienic behaviour needs to maintained to check its spread.


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