Hyderabad: Yaum-e-Ashura observed in old city with traditional procession

ByVoiceup Media

Jul 29, 2023

The historic Bibi-Ka-Alam procession here on Saturday passed off peacefully. With thousands of Shia mourners including 33 Matami groups from various places participated in the procession to mark the day.

The main Juloos (procession) started around 1 PM from Alawa Bibi at Dabeerpura, as caparison elephant carried the historical Bibi Ka Alam, studded with diamonds. The tenth day of the Islamic month of Muharram marks the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, a grandson of prophet Mohammed (SAW), who was martyred in Karbala, Iraq.

Men, women, children and elders in their black attires marked the day with large participation in the procession, which passed through from different localities include Shaik Faiz Kaman, Etebar Chowk, Charminar, Pathergatti, Panjeshah, Purani Haveli, Darulshifa and culminated near the Masjid-e-Ilahi at Chaderghat.

“Over 5 thousands devotees including 33 Matami groups participated in the procession. Almost 9 kilometer distance has been covered without any hurdles and the mourners maintained distance from elephant, so as to ensure the smooth passage of the juloos. The procession passed through with a pause at certain Ashoorkhanas. All possible arrangements have been made to peaceful conduct of the Yaum-e-Ashoora by all the department officials in old city,’’ said, Syed Hamed Hussain Jaffery, president, Shia Youth Conference, T.S.

C.V. Anand, Police Commissioner Hyderabad along with other police officials welcome the procession near the historical Charminar and offered ‘Dhattis’ to the Bibi Ka Alam. The authorities including GHMC, HWMSSB, DRF, Waqkf Board have made necessary arrangements for the procession and while the Hyderabad police have made elaborate security arrangements for the peaceful passing of the procession. There were also traffic diversions made in certain parts of the old city during the Muharram procession.

Special sermons were also held in the mosques to highlight the great sacrifices of Karbala. The martyred of the Karbala paid rich homage by Muslims. In fact, the day of Ashura holds great significance in the Islamic calendar, carrying spiritual and historical importance for both Shia and Sunni Muslims.
The Sunni Mulims majority observed the day with fasting and special prayers in the mosques, signifying its sacred nature.

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