Boy attacked by a group dogs in Sangareddy, sustains multiple injuries


Jul 29, 2023

A video appeared on social media showing a boy was being attacked by a group of stray dogs at Balajinagar in Sangareedy. However, a woman’s timely intervention could save the boy’s life, but he is reportedly injured in this incident.

According to the details, two boys were playing away from their home and in the meantime a group of stray dogs arrived there and started chasing the boys. One of them suddenly fell on the ground and was attacked by the dogs in a row. The boy was seen helplessly trying to escape from there, but his efforts went in vain. Luckily, a woman rushed to the boy and chased all the dogs away.

It may be mentioned here that with regard to dog menace many complaints had been lodged seeking immediate measures, which has been a matter of concern for the children and elders in many localities at day or night times.

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