Tomatoes theft cases reported in Telangana and Bengaluru | Watch Video


Jul 24, 2023

The soaring prices of tomatoes  have become a talk of the country and strangely tomatoes theft cases are also being reported from certain parts of the country.  In the recent incidents taken place in Telangana and Bengaluru wherein tomatoes have been stolen to earn quick money. 

Both the cases came to light with CCTV footages being circulated on social media showed that an unknown person stole over 70 kg of tomatoes from  Zaheerabad market in the wee hours of Saturday. while a couple has been arrested for allegedly taking away tomatoes laden vehicle.

According to the details, a farmer from a nearby village had bought a load of tomatoes to the vegetable market and kept inside in Zaheerabad.  When the farmer went out to have something and in the meantime an unidentified person entered in the yard and managed to take away tomatoes crates.

When the farmer returned and found three crates of tomatoes missing. later, CCTV cameras were checked and found a person wearing helmet entered in the yard and took away tomatoes crates. On the base of complaint Zaheerabad Police registered a case and investigation is on.

A couple arrested for stealing tomatoes in Bengaluru

In another incident, a couple has been arrested for allegedly taking away tomato-laden truck in a bid to make quick money by selling stolen tomatoes. M.Bhaskaran, 38, and Sindhuja, 35, reportedly sold the tomatoes for 1.6 lakh in Tamil Nadu.

According to the details, a complaint has been lodged by A Shivanna on July 8 with RMC Yard Police saying that some unidentified people drove away with his vehicle carrying 210 trays of tomatoes worth over Rs 1.5 lakh. Prior to that, the miscreants had fought with Shivanna, claiming that his vehicle had brushed against their Mahindra  and they sought Rs 50 thousand when he refused then men drove away with the vehicle.

“Over 200 CCTV footage have been checked and interacted with locals in different parts of Tamil Nadu, we zeroed in on the accused and arrested them from Vaniyambadi residence on Friday night,’’ said, Deputy Commissioner of Police Shivaprakash Devaraju.

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