Moghalpura Sports Complex turns into dumping yard, forcing kids to bear the dust & dirt |Hyderabad


Jul 23, 2023

Moghalpura Sports Complex (MSC) has turned into a dumping yard. The wastage and Debris is regularly dumped in the premises of the complex forcing players to bear the dirt & dust and keep the children at bay from the sports activities.

Though several complaints have reportedly been made to the concerned authorities about the issue, but no steps nothing has been done to restore the sports activities. Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, GHMC, Minority vice president told that despite several reminding and complaints no initiatives taken to stop the dumping inside the Moghalpura Sports Complex.

“Garbage, debris is being dumped by GHMC and Sanitation Departments in the premises of Moghalpura Sports Complex. Frequently, it is brought to the notice of AMOH, Circle-9, Deputy Commissioner, Zonal Commissioner, and GHMC South Zone about the issue, but there is no stoppage to the dumping here. It brings to halt the sports activities and keep children at bay,’’ said, Mohammed Ahmed, leader, TDP Minority cell from the old city of Hyderabad.

The residents also objected to the dumping in the premises of Sports Complex as it reportedly causes to increase mosquito menace. They wanted GHMC Mayor and Commissioner to inspect the sports complex and ask the authorities to clear the wastage.

“Dust & Dirt keep out kids at bay from this sports complex, as it has now been turned into a dumping yard. Wherein debris, wastage are dumped regularly, forcing children to stay away from this place,’’ said, one of the residents.

Srikanth Reddy, Assistant Medical Officer of Health (AMOH) clarified that there were lot of illegal dumping in Charminar surroundings and due to lack of open space there the parking place in the premises of Moghalpura Sports Complex being used for the time being.

“Actually, we need a transit point as there is no space in Charminar surroundings. So, we are using the open space temporary inside the Sports complex and regularly the debris being cleared without fail. In fact, there are lots of illegal dumping in Charminar surroundings, which are causing traffic jam or road blockage and we are forced to remove it. In the meantime, we do not any get transit point in Charminar surroundings as there are historical and religious places exit that is why this place is used for transit point as temporarily,’’ clarified, Sirknath Reddy, Assistant Medical Officer of Health (AMOH), Charminar.


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