AP |Rare fish sells for Rs. 3.10 lakh in Kakinada, fisherman becomes rich overnight | Watch Video


Jul 23, 2023

A fisherman became rich overnight by selling a rare ‘Kachidi-Fish’ in Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh on Saturday. The fish is said to be in great demand for medicinal purpose and rarely found in the sea between Sunderbans and Bangladesh Coast.

A couple of days ago, fisherman of Palli Peta in Uppada, Kakinada District had ventured into the seas and found a large weighing around 25Kg ‘Kachidi-Fish’ in the net, which was brought to the market and sold out in  an auction. The fish was auctioned in Rs 3.10 lakh at Kumbabhishekam market where fishermen generally gather to find rare and normal fish.

Generally, it is called it the black spotted croaker Kachidi and it is also known as Goldfish in West Bengal and Bangladesh due to its demand. The Pharma companies is said to purchase Kachidi fish for medicinal purpose. The gall bladder and the flesh of this fish are used in Pharma Industries.

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