Muslims want Harish Rao to clarify for using ‘Fakir’ word | Telangana I Watch Video


Jul 22, 2023

A video appeared on Social Media showing Telangana Finance Minister Harish Rao greeting Muslims with “Hamare Fakir Bhaiyon, Aap Sub Ka Salam” in a meet. The word ‘Fakir’ is strongly being objected by the Muslim Community People and sought clarification from the Minister whether it was slip of tongue or intentionally used to hurt the Muslims sentiments.

The Finance Minister Harish Rao, who had participated in a meeting to facilitate minority corporations chairperson along with Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Home Minister and other leaders at Jal Vihar on Thursday.

Telangana Telugu Desam Party’s Muslim Minority leader Mohammed Ahmed took strong exception against the alleged unparliamentarily word used ‘Fakir’ in a meet to greet Muslims. He sought Harish Rao to clarify or apologize for using the objectionable word ‘Fakir’.


“The Muslims are deeply hurt and disappointed seeing the video being circulated on Social Media. The unparliamentarily word ‘Fakir’ is clearly heard using by Minister during a meeting. We demand Harish Rao to clarify or apologize as to why such word was used else Muslim will vote BRS out in upcoming polls,’’ Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, GHMC, Minority Vice President.

Telangana Bahujan Samaj Party (TBSP) hit out at Harish Rao saying that BRS once again is luring Muslims with beguiling schemes. Though the Government has reportedly failed to fulfill its promises made to the Muslims before the elections.

 “We didn’t expect such word from Harish Rao, Finance Minister of Telangana and the Muslims are under fire against the BRS Party. The Muslim Minority will sure teach the ruling party a lesson in the next elections,’’ said, Abrar Hussain Azad, State Convenor, Minorities, Bahujan Samaj Party Telangana State.


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