Hyderabad: Water leakage in Govt Unani Hospital paralyzed services, patients suffered


Jul 21, 2023

Government Unani Hospital (GUH), services badly hit by roof leakage on Thursday due to the incessant rain. The patients and attendants had a harrowing experience in the hospital and prompted authorities  to shift the patients in other wards.

Interns Room, Corridor outside, Pediatric & surgery ward, outside female ward, Pediatric ward, Physiotherapy room, Research Room, Old Op, Pathology Lab, and New Building Room were badly hit by water seepage.

Government Nizamia General Hospital known as Government Unani Hospital is a public hospital located near Charminar. It is a hospital for General Medicine and Unani Medicine, which was established in the course of Nizams’ reign. The structure is a historical one and there are pending works in the hospital, need to be completed.

Dr. Syed Zainul Abedin khan, General Secretary, Old Boys Association’s Government Nizamia Tibbi College and Hospital told that several representations and complaints had been made to the authorities concerned and Government of Telangana, but except hollow words nothing has been done to address the hospital issues.

“No one appears to safeguard the Hospital and address the issues pending for the last several years. The matter was brought to the notice of officials concerned and ministers, however, nothing has been done to resolve the issues of Govt Unani Hospital,’’ said Dr. Syed Zainul Abedin khan, General Secretary, Old Boys Association’s Government Nizamia Tibbi College and Hospital.

The Hospital authorities also aired the similar concern saying that roof leakage prompted them to move the patients in other wards and the higher-ups were informed about the condition of the hospital and problems being faced by the patients and attendants.

“The building is in a dilapidated condition and has so many roof leaks need urgent repairs. Today, we had to suspend the services due to this problem. The matter was brought to notice of the authorities to repair the roof leakage and respite the patients from this problem,’’ one of the hospital authorities informed.

Another authority of the Hospital told that,  “The entire first-floor needs immediate attention and renovation of the structure is still pending. So many complaints have been made to the authorities, but no serious steps are taken to address the issue. Today, Inpatient services badly hit due to the water seepage into the wards. Outdated drainage system and roof leakage has been a matter of concern for us,’’ said, another medical official in the hospital, who did not wish to be identified.

Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, leader from the old city, sought the Government of Telangana to take immediate note of the problem and resolve all the pending issues in the Hospital.

“The Government has completely failed to safeguard a historical structure and a hospital in old city. The patients are suffering a lot in this hospital and Government should have resolved the problems, but nothing has been done,” said, TDP leader, Mohammed Ahmed.

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