Hyderabad: “Preserve Historical Buildings,” Prof. Suleman Siddiqui


Jul 21, 2023

Hyderabad: “As responsible citizens, society must recognize the significance of culture and act as a steward of heritage and culture. We must preserve the engineering marvels of the mediaeval period, which we have in the form of monuments from that era, while acknowledging the technological advances in the field”, said Prof. Suleman Siddiqui, former Vice-Chancellor, Osmania University & Former Registrar, MANUU, while delivering Professor Sadiq Naqvi Memorial Lecture ‘An Outline History of Socio-Cultural and Mystic Life in the Deccan’ organized by Saiyid Hamid Library, Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU).

Prof. Siddiqui discussed the magnificent synthesis of composite culture of the Deccan from the Bahmani Period to the Asaf Jahis 6 and 7, emphasizing their contribution to the water bodies and generous donations to temples as well as their overall contribution to the development of the Deccan.

Prof. Ainul Hasan while paying tribute to the eminent historian from Osmania University Dr. Sadiq Naqvi, informed about instituting a Gold medal in the memory of noted historian by his family. “This will be awarded on a rotating basis to the top graduate of the Department of History, Department of Islamic Studies, Department of Urdu, and HKS Centre for Deccan Studies,’’ said, Prof. Ainul Hassan.

Students of Prof. Sadiq Naqvi – Ms. Saraswathi and Dr. S. Jai Kishan, Salarjung Museum Board Member and Bhavan’s New Science College Chairman shared their memories.

Mr. Ali Naqvi, Chicago, USA, son of late Prof. Sadiq Naqvi expressed gratitude to MANUU for instituting a gold medal in the name of his father.

Prof. Ishtiaque Ahmed, Registrar and Prof. Deepak Kumar, an eminent historian and Honorary Professor, MANUU also spoke. Dr. Akhtar Parvez, University Librarian & Programme Director, informed about books donated by family members of Prof. Sadiq Naqvi. Prof. Deepak Kumar and Mr. Mir Firasat Ali Khusrow have also donated a rich collection of books to the library.

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