Earthquake tremors felt in parts of Jaipur, Rajasthan


Jul 21, 2023

A series of earthquake shook Jaipur, Rajasthan on Friday and forced people to emerge from their respective buildings and homes to move safer places. The first earthquake were recorded 4.4 magnitude around 4:09am, the second 3.1 magnitude was felt at 4:22 am and third one was felt at 3.4 magnitude around 4:25am.

The earthquake of magnitude 4.4 on the richer scale hit Jaipur and its surrounding areas for few seconds. According to NCS, the earthquake occurred at a depth of 10 kilometres and  no casualties or any damage was reported in the incident.

The tremors were felt one after another within half-an-hour in the wee hours of morning on Friday. Sudden strange and terrifying sounds reported to have heard and it drove people come out from their homes and they stayed away hours from their places.

“Scared people came out of their homes after hearing strange sounds coming from inside the earth quake,’’ the people shared the details and videos on the social media after the tremors jolted the parts of Jaipur.

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