Mysterious ‘Fire-Rain’ from the sky reported in Ayodhya | Watch |Viral Video


Jul 20, 2023

A video appeared on social media showing mysterious falling fire objects and smoke emanating from them claimed to be ‘Fire-Rain’ reportedly  taken place in a college premises in Ayodhya.

In the video shown one after another falling something fire objects and smoke emanating soon after landing in the ground and it was recorded by some students, who were present in the college at that time.

However, it has not be cleared whether it is a fact or fabricated one or it is an old video. but one can see in the video the fire objects appearing in a garden and smoking emanating from them, while it is raining.

Many have expressed their different views over the incident some call it a ‘Fire-Rain’ from the sky and some say that it might some objects broken into pieces in the sky and fell on the earth.

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